David Paton

David was never happy with the musicianship of the BCR's, but considered it part of his apprenticeship and made the best of it. He was playing lead guitar and would learn all the parts for the songs the band wanted to play and show the other guys. It wasn't really a big deal because he had a fairly good knowledge of drums, bass and keyboards, and enjoyed the challenge.

Billy arrived at a rehearsal with Tam Paton and the band were asked if they thought he would be a suitable keyboard player. He had no experience in Rock and Pop and had been in the Royal Marines Band playing flute. David admits that he didn't really take to him right away and initially thought he was as bad as the rest of them. But Billy learned quickly and his classical playing had a big effect on David. He already enjoyed classical guitar and Billy offered to help him brush up his sight reading. They started to go to the George 1V Bridge Library in Edinburgh. It was usually pieces for guitar and flute that they would play together and this would keep them happy for hours. David lost touch with Billy when he left the Rollers ( They were not to happy with him leaving when they were about to sign with Bell records.). They did meet again at the library door, but that's another story.

Billy Lyall