Question submitted by Eric Manclark from the UK

QUESTION: Regarding how Pilot got its name, we have all heard that it came from the surnames of David, Billy, and Stuart. However, the otherday while hanging out at my local pub, some guy named Nick told me that this was not really where the name came from and that it really related to a deep rooted phobia that David has towards flying. Is this true? Can you shed any light on this issue?
ANSWER: "Ok, you guys have found out my secret. I have always been deathly afraid to fly. When we signed with EMI, our managers thought that naming the band Pilot would help me overcome my fear of flying. They knew that touring would be key to becoming the next Beatles. Unfortunately, we never toured America because I was too scared to get on a plane. It is also true that Billy quit the band because he got tired of the cold Morin Heights weather while waiting my arrival by boat. Despite rumours to the contrary, my phobia was the sole reason why the Project never toured and I was the inspiration for Ian's song Can't Look Down from On Air. Through therepy and heavy sedatives, I was able to fly and tour in the 1980s with Elton. They also may have saved my life by getting me through the Fish tours without killing him." ...Ok, Don't believe everything you read. Next question please and we will get this thing rolling!