David's musical talent was never recognized at Liberton Secondary. He was a very shy young boy and was happy to learn guitar on his own. He often stayed at home practicing rather than go out with his mates. It was just something he loved to do and he didn't expect anything from it, it was just great fun! David was never given a chance to show his musical ability at school. Guitar lessons were given to the academics only. His music teacher at school was Mr. Kennaway and he was OK. But when David sung in harmony with the class, he would stop and ask the class who was singing out of tune! Later when he told this story to Billy Lyall, he found out that Billy's piano teacher was the very same one who taught the music classes at Liberton Secondary. Most of the time in class was spent listening to Mr Kennaway's favourite pieces of classical music, Sparky's magic piano, and singing, which I must admit, as a class was pretty bad.